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Audio Visual & Automation

We provide appropriate communication methods for our clients, be it the small scale meeting atmosphere  required for video conferencing, or giving information to a large number of people through PA Systems and  Signage.

We specialize in integrated audio, video and control facilities, for a wide variety of ballrooms, conference  rooms, training rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, night clubs and video teleconferencing facilities, in various  verticals like Hospitality,  Healthcare,  Education, Government &   Corporates.

Commercial automation has seen enormous leaps in terms or technology and usage in recent times. The  combinations and uses of automation are endless and can be applied in varying degrees, be it to efficiently  manage resources or to control  access to certain areas  remotely.

Building Management Systems are used by any organization that wants to maintain and record the upkeep of  their electrical, mechanical, HVAC and plumbing systems. This not only centralizes all the security and  maintenance  systems but also has proven to increase productivity  and drastically cut cost and  time.

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